Money Transfer

Domestic Money Transfer - NEFT and 24/7 IMPS

We are providing Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) services in partnership with banking institutions. Our Money Transfer system is outcome of detailed study and continuous up gradation for over 6 years. Our Money Transfer platform is one of the very few in India which supports transactions through Android app. We support multiple transaction system for each customer with separate banks giving a total non-KYC customer transaction limit of Rs 50,000/- per month.

Some features of our Money Transfer System are:

  • Non-KYC Customer transaction Limit: Rs 50,000/- per month.
  • Instant settlement after successful transaction.
  • Automatic refunds in case of failures (OTP based for enhanced security)
  • Feature of account verification for most of the banks.
  • Send up to 25000 in one transaction. No need to do multiple transactions of Rs 5000 for higher amounts.
  • Automatic reconciliation for pending transactions.
  • Support for both IMPS and NEFT transactions.
  • High success ratio.
  • Support for bill payments of credit cards using NEFT.
  • Quick Add Sender & Receiver via web application or mobile application.
  • Switching mode IMPS & NEFT.
  • IFSC Finding Tool.